Graduate Special Student Policy

Effective Date

Friday, January 1, 2016

Office of Primary Responsibility

School of Graduate and Advanced Studies

Affected Parties

School of Graduate & Advanced Studies Students

Policy Statement

  • Under certain circumstances, members of the Dartmouth Community, may enroll in Arts & Sciences courses as 'Graduate Special Students'. The possibilities for such enrollment are limited, and must always be on a space available basis. 
  • Studio Art, Music Instruction and Economics courses are not available to Graduate Special students. 
  • Graduate Special students do not have priority over undergraduates and will not be allowed to enroll in limited enrollment courses unless the enrollment is below the limit by the end of the first two weeks of the term. 
  • Non-recording option is not available to Graduate Special students. 
  • Any Graduate Special student who does not receive a grade of C- or better in his/her previous course will not be allowed to register again without petitioning the Dean of Graduate Studies. Permission to enroll will be granted only with the Dean's approval. 
  • This policy statement applies only to courses offered by the Faculty of Arts & Sciences. Inquiries regarding the possibility of 'Graduate Special Student' status in the associated schools of Medicine, Engineering, or Business Administration, should be directed to the Admissions Office of those schools. 

How to Apply

  • Individuals holding a baccalaureate degree must apply through the Office of Graduate Studies, 37 Dewey Field Road, Suite 6062, Room 437. Transcripts are required. 
  • An application form and a course elective card will be provided to each eligible applicant. 
  • Dartmouth employees must secure the signature of their supervisor certifying that satisfactory arrangements have been made to insure that course enrollment will not interfere with employment responsibilities. An employee verification form must be done with the Office of Human Resources. 
  • The elective card must be signed by the instructor(s) of the course(s). Instructors have the responsibility for judging whether an individual is adequately prepared for the course and for guaranteeing that a matriculant will not be displaced by a Graduate Special Student. 
  • The completed application materials and the elective card must be returned to the Office of Graduate Studies three weeks before registration for the term. 
  • Tuition, where applicable, must be paid on or before registration day. 
  • Courses may be added or dropped at any time during the first two weeks of a term. Courses dropped after that will normally result in a grade of No Credit; exceptions of unusual circumstances require the joint approval of the instructor and the Dean of Graduate Studies. ALL COURSE CHANGES ARE MADE THROUGH THE OFFICE OF GRADUATE STUDIES. 
  • The Graduate Office must be notified immediately of any changes in enrollment status. 

Available Services

  • Graduate Special Students may use the library system. 
  • ID cards are not issued to Graduate Special students unless they are enrolled in 3 courses and paying full tuition. 
  • Graduate Special students may purchase meal contracts and declining balance accounts at Dartmouth Dining Services (DDS) located in 1953 Commons. 
  • Student ticket rates at Hopkins Center and DCAC (for athletic events) are not extended to Graduate Special students unless they are enrolled full time and paying full tuition. 
  • Graduate Special students are eligible for student health service at no cost if paying full tuition for 3 courses. The health service may be purchased on a pro-rated basis depending on the number of courses they are enrolled in. For information regarding Major Medical call the Health Service Insurance Dept. at 646-9438 or 9439.